What Folks Say About our Products?

This is a page that gives our customers the opportunity to "have their say" about our products. We so appreciate the time and energy it takes for them to actually write and send their comments to us. We share them here, with their permission.

This page will be updated regularly, with new letters appearing at the top. Thanks in advance to all who take the time to share your story.

I just wanted to write and let you know that the Allergy & Sinus Relief (Synergy Blend) has helped me so much. When I was in your store my nose was running and I told the lady (can't remember her name, she was the one who made this blend) that if my nose stopped running because I smelled the blend, while my friend and I were walking around I'd go back and buy it, and I'm so glad I did. I also bought the Aromatherapy Inhaler. I am back in AZ now and I have not had to use my nose spray since I've been inhaling the Allergy & Sinus Relief - it's amazing, and I thought you might like to hear a success story.

Again, thank you!



I am using the blue magic out of the sampler kit I received last saturday. Although I don't remember it often enough; when I do use it I am amazed at the depth and speed it helps relieve the pain I have lived with for so long. Along with fibromylagia I have a few long standing bone and joint injuries. A couple nights I've woken with pain at bone/joint sites and have applied the lotion as much as three times in the night. I am finding the more I keep on top of it the more thorough pain relief I have. Although I'm not pain free I can honestly say I am experiencing a reduction of 40/50 maybe 60% overall in the pain level I have been caring. I thank God for leading me to your products. May he bless your endeavors for helping others.

Wanda Korn

I am so excited to have finally hunted down your product! I have tried quite a few pheromone products and NONE have the effect that yours did. When I first put it on, my boyfriend came home from work and said "Are you wearing some kind of special perfume? Because I feel drunk whenever you get near me." He was totally sober, and I kept my little secret. :)
(Customer's name withheld to protect the guilty!)

Here is a link directly to our Pharaoh Moan Perfumes:


I recently talked to you about your products on the phone. I recently went to McGinnis Cattle and Guest Ranch in Libby Montana. My rheumatologist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia about 2 years ago. Needless to say at the ranch I ended up in much pain and wasn't sure if I could ride after the first 2 days of my vacation. A guest at the ranch gave me a bottle of your muscle relief (her sister has fibromyalgia) and said it was mine to keep. I used it and was able to ride again. God does direct our steps. Thank you for your wonderful product. I carry it with me to work too.

Nancy Hager

Hi Claudia:

You are more than welcome to use any of my comments about your products. Like I tell everyone, I just can't stay quiet about them. I "blab" to everyone I see about how great they are, how I have used them, and how others have and their results. I am always looking for a "test subject" for a certain product so that I can relay their results to others. I also remind them that everyone is different so products may not act the same with them or they may get better results with one product as apposed to another. The fun is finding out what works best for them.

I had great results with the "It hurts..." where my frozen shoulder is concerned. My orthopedic specialist said that the norm is 12-18 months worth of recovery and I was released from physical therapy in 9 mos. I had regained all the degrees of motion that a normal shoulder has. I am still a bit tight with the movement when my hands are on my hips. My elbow on my left side, the side with the frozen shoulder, is only about 10 degrees farther back than my right side. This is not very much so putting on lotion and exercising will take care of this. I can now reach my arm up my back the same as my right side with very little trouble. I only have to work on strengthening the muscles.

My husband, Leo, has had good results with Muscle Relief and "It hurts..." for his back pain and also leg pain. With his three back surgeries, there is nothing else the doctors can do to help his pain which is due main from scar tissue. Medicines do nothing but cause trouble or just don't work. This left nothing to help him with is pain management. He has days which cause excruciating pain where he can't walk, lie down, sit up or anything. In fact, he just had a day such as this two days ago. The lotions were able to get him back on his feet again in less than 8 hours. His pain had not gone away completely, but this didn't surprise me much. It will take some time for his back to mend itself more. I was grateful to finally find something that would work for him. He is much happier when he doesn't hurt.

I had a client try the Menstrual Cramp Relief over the weekend. She was amazed at how it helped with the cramps. The first application she did lasted nearly 4 hours. The next one lasted her for almost 20 hours.

Another client came to my shop suffering from watery eyes, stuffy nose and coughing. I gave her a sample of the Sinus and Allergy Relief on a tissue. After visiting for a half an hour, her symptoms had greatly improved. I had just gotten in the Sinus and Allergy Relief so I only had a sample. She wanted it so bad she bought my sample bottle!

These are just a few of the stories I have time for now. I will send more soon.

Thanks again for all these great products! I am grateful that you were able to come up with them even if it meant that it was due to necessity.

Kathy Yonash
Holistic Healing Solutions
"Where natural alternatives assist in your wellness management."

Thanks for your prompt response, Claudia. It was one of my associates who recently discovered your products and has been using them enthusiastically. She gave me a massage one day with the "Hurts Everywhere" lotion and it was the first time in years that I got off the table without stiffness (I, too, have a history of fibromyalgia). I thought that was pretty remarkable. She generously (however somewhat reluctantly) sold me on of her precious bottles and I have several clients who are now ... feeling good too!

Mary-Brooke Barger, CMT
Barrister Square Wellness Center
108A South Columbus Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314


I had ordered the Myofascial Release Relief for my massage therapist to use on my very tight upper back muscles. She loves it! It works very well for deep tissue massage. It helps me relax more while she's using it because of the aromatherapy qualities. I had also ordered the sample pack of the 'Basic 5' relief lotions. Both my mom & I are using them. She is using the Inflammation Relief with Blue Magic on her arthritic finger & knees. I am using the Muscle & It Hurts Everywhere on my sore feet after I started wearing my orthotics again. Patrick gets stress headaches, so I use the Stress/Headache relief on him. They all work!!! The aroma part of the therapy is wonderful, too!

I must tell you when we talked after I got home from work after emailing you about the cost of the Myofascial product, I felt like we'd known each other for years. You are very kind & personable on the phone. I also knew that you know from whence you speak. I think it's the basis of dealing with chronic problems that forges that common ground with your customers. I am placing another order for the lotions in larger sizes.

Thanks so much!

Patrick & Christine Osburn

Thank you for offering such wonderful products! I am a massage therapist and

I see great results from muscular problems when I use your products!

Pat Paul
McClure, Ohio

 I met you a few years ago in Seattle at the Fibromyalgia Convention. I gave my mom some of the hurts everywhere lotion and it is the best she has ever used.  She is 89 and has osteoporosis arthritis.  She has had 2 hips replaced and 1 knee and can barely get around with a walker.  Just wanted you to know she gets more relief from your lotion than from her vioxx medication.

Karyn Schultz
West Linn, OR

To: O'Malley & Potter
Dear Claudia,
Thank you for developing this outstanding product line. I am particularly impressed with the "Myofascial Relief Release"?which I use all the time. It enhances my work in the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction by enabling me to control the speed and depth of my touch. While the essential oils contribute by warming and soothing the tissue a slow deep release is facilitated?ah!!

Many blessings,
Anna Risso, CMT
Mill Valley, CA

Dear Claudia,
I love your products! I can't believe you aren't a massage therapist. I have never used anything as effective as your Myofascial Release Relief - it is perfect for deep tissue work - it's almost like glue -- even my clients began commenting that my massages felt deeper & more effective when I began using it - and I never told any of them I had begun using a new product; but they noticed how much better my massages were.

Then I tried all of your lotion products - I didn't expect to like them as I have been an Arnica oil user for years & never found anything as effective - I still love Arnica but each of the lotions is really different, something I didn't expect - I also could feel a vital energy emanating from them as I used them - I have had nothing but positive feedback from my clients who say things like "ooh I like the cool comforting feeling"?"ah, that warmth feels great"?"it feels tingly"?and mostly they say, "the pain has disappeared!" - keep on making your wonderful products - you have a customer for life!

Anne O'Brien
Healing Partners Wellness Center
Swarthmore, PA

Thanks again - I used the Burn synergy & it healed a bad blister from a burn on my thumb almost instantly! It was amazing! My husband is addicted to Dry Nose Relief!

Take care,
Sincerely, Anna O'Brien
Swarthmore, PA

Love your products!!
Stefani Greco, Mercer Island, WA

I bought your sample pack last week at ECC (Edmonds Community College, WA). My husband is on interferon treatment for Hep C His calves and feet were cramping so bad last Wed. that he could hardly walk. I used the muscle relief on him and at bed the blue magic. The next morning the pain and spasms were almost completely gone.

Thank You.

(a few weeks later)

It's Marti the massage therapist with the husband undergoing the interferon treatment for hept. C. I was wondering is the blue magic available in a quart or gallon size? Also I am giving his Dr. some of your pamphlets. At my husbands 1 month check up he told them about your products working on the severe leg pain and spasms. We also gave a sample container to a friend who just started the treatment, it is working for him too. I am asking about the larger sizes so I can use them in my practice and have some small samples.

Thank you,

I am the woman from Startup, who purchased the 4 perfumes (Perfume Oils of "Purpose"; Courage, Rose, Moving Forward, and Becoming One), in addition to several of your other products.

On my way home from Stonehouse [store] I stopped at the Monroe Starbucks, where I noticed a woman who was once a business owner in the community. I observed that she was wearing a headscarf tied in a way that might indicate ongoing chemotherapy. Since she was not alone (and we were first name only acquaintances), I smiled a hello and left the store.

As I was driving back to Startup I started to have the nagging thought that the lovely perfume purchase may not really be intended for me. By the time I arrived home I knew that I needed to return to Monroe to find the true owner.

I caught her just as she was leaving Starbucks. I explained that the bottles were really hers - I was merely the conduit. Yes, she is battling breast cancer, and very much appreciated your lovely creations.

Karyn Fisher

I want to thank you for the improvement in the quality of my life. I have been battling a variety of symptoms for 15 years, including insomnia, anxiety, constipation, weight gain, and headaches, as a result of an accident in which I broke the tips of my atlas and axis bones in my neck. This resulted in the compression of the bones against the nerves and blood supply.

I have spent more than 150 thousand dollars looking for pain relief. I finally found a massage therapist in Wenatchee that has helped me maintain and gain ground. This past Spring I attended a convention of health practioners and found the O'Malley & Potter "Feel-Good" products, lotions and synergies that are made with essential oils. I purchased several products and they have all helped my symptoms. My allergies are better, I have improved sleep, the tight muscles in my neck and back have relaxed. My blood pressure, heart rate and over-all comfort are the closed to normal in fifteen years.

I also purchased some "Menopause" products for my wife - two uncomfortable people in the same house is at least one too many! We laugh more, smile, and actually enjoy each other again!

My massage therapist is using the products on her clients. She says the quality is high and the improvements are significant.

Thank you for all your research and work that went into the products.

John E. Green
Wenatchee, WA

Hi Claudia,
In the summer of 2000 I broke out in shingles. It is a reoccurrence of the virus that causes chicken pox, but it hits only one nerve in the body. In my case, I broke out from behind my right shoulder blade, down my right arm, all the way to my fingertips in a rash, not only painful but also very itchy. The only thing that would stop the itching was the O'Malley & Potter Eczema & Itch Relief! I put it on the rash full strength as it comes out of the bottle, and it stopped the discomfort for up to 2 hours! This was the only thing that worked!

I use this same product for my hubby, to help him with the discomforts of psoriasis. Because I use it on him every night and use it over a large part of his body - he's a big guy!), I mix it into an all-vegetable, non-petroleum-based lotion (half Eczema & Itch and half lotion). It keeps him from itching himself ALL night, and helps us to both get a good night's sleep.

Vivian Taylor
Duvall, WA

I bought some of your products when I went to the NW to visit my sister, and I've been sharing it with friends here at home?they said "WOW"!

I work in the video library of our public school - Pre K through grade 12, under one roof in a complex that covers over 7 acres. There are about 600 students and 60 teachers.

Your stress relief products are a true life saver for me. I share with everyone. The librarian had great relief from her migraine headache, and without the "hung-over" feeling most medications leave. One of the teacher's husband farms. She ordered the Eczema and Itch Relief for him to use for the rash on his feet. They are healed and he doesn't have to stop the tractor every time his feet itch.

My daughter has had eczema on her hands for 15 years. Your oil is the first treatment we have found that works. My husband also uses the oil on his feet to control heat rash. What a relief not to have the "scratch-scratch-scratch" all night!

I hope to see you again at another fair in the NW, if I can get all my projects done in the next two months. Thank goodness for your "It Hurts Everywhere" Relief for my do-everything-projects.

Carolyn Mason

Thanks Claudia, your products really help me.

Redmond, WA

Hello Claudia,
It was good to talk to you at the show. I read your brochure and am using your aromatherapy. Your product is fabulous and your description of the "therapy" is so right on.

See you next show?
Joanie Hanke
Olympia WA

Hi Sister,
Thank YOU for your lotions! I'm coming off prednisone (day 2) and I HURT EVERYWHERE! I had Gordy slather "It Hurts Everywhere" Relief all over the backside of me and around my ribs. I did the rest. Within 15 minutes the panic attack dissolved, I was breathing well, and able to proceed with putting on "the body" for another day.

I thought you'd like to know?
Love you!

(Patricia Neufeld - my very own dearest sister who has fibromyalgia and COPD)

It Hurts Everywhere is my favorite O'&P FGP lotion. Because I always hurt everywhere, I sometimes apply "..It Hurts..." everywhere I can reach. Within five minutes the pain begins to lift. Sometime in certain places of my body, it is relief of short duration and then I will use one of your other blessed lotions. I have been using these products since you first began to manufacture them. They were so very helpful to me then and they continue to give me the best of all forms of relief! Pat, Orting WA

Here are parts from a several-page letter I got from one of my first customers a few years ago. She was under stress from work and marriage, and was suffering from headaches, lack of sleep, and depression. On top of all of this, she developed wrist pain at work, which carried over to everyday activities such as "opening jars, picking up items, and doing simple chores such as chopping vegetables."

She began to take more and more medications and started to withdraw from her family and friends. "The stress caused me to eat more and I put on weight. I had to give up golf due to the wrist pain. My body began to hurt everywhere and I felt like one big gigantic bruise."

Finally she received some information about fibromyalgia and took this information to her doctor, who found that indeed, she did have this puzzling syndrome. Now, at least she had a name for it, and she began to fight back.

A friend suggested one day that they go to the Sunday Market. "My wrists hurt so bad that day I couldn't even hold my purse. I talked to Claudia about it, and she suggested two of the lotions. I used them every hour that entire day and the next day. Unbelievably, my wrist pain started to subside. I was so amazed! I continued to use the lotion daily until the pain was completely gone. Then I found I could just use it whenever I felt my wrists starting to act up. This propelled me into further action."

She began to exercise, sought marriage counseling, cut her work time and increased her days off. She also "discovered SOMA massage, recommended the lotions to the therapist, who in turn, encourages her patients to try these amazing products."

"I have done a lot of different things toward my own wellness. I continue with the SOMA massage, I exercise, take the herbal supplements that seem to work for me, and I have my "Feel-Good" Products close at hand. As I think back over the last two years, I feel proud of myself for taking action to help myself instead of complaining, and I am thankful for people like Claudia and Louisa (my massage therapist) and all my friends and family who were there for me."

Dominique Fontana
Renton WA

"I love the Yum Yumm products espessially the Yum Yumm oil. It is the best for shaving my legs. It keeps them soft, flake free and I smell great all day long. Thank you for creating such wonderful products.

Julie Mason
Bothell WA

I've enjoyed using your products since I met you at the Body, Mind & Spirit Expo in Seattle - Great products -Thanks.....Your products have made a difference in how I feel - I took them on a spiritual training program that I went to in Sedona for 6 days and every morning and night I applied the lotions to areas on my low back which I believe assisted in the healing of a muscle tear. I had gone to a chiropractor and message therapist before I left stating they felt it was a tear. It heeled in about eight weeks with your lotion as well as energy work that was performed in Sedona and the work with my chiropractor and message therapist - I had a bit of help! Will send in another order next month.

Jeannette M. Parrott

Because of my lung disease and fibromyalgia (now that's a pair to draw to!), I can wind up with really painful and immobile neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. I give thanks daily for you and your O'Malley & Potter Feel Good Products. I know it doesn't seem possible but it is true that within minutes of applying Inflamation Relief, I experience a relaxation and cooling to those joints and especially the ever-so-tender muscles in my neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. This relief is such a gift to me and I want to most sincerely let you know that you are sooooooooooo appreciated! Pat, Orting WA

A friend of my husbands had fibromyalgia, and she says that using your lotion has helped her be symptom FREE!!!
I was diagnosed in May of this year.

Thank you,
Diane De Mots

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

We only wish to provide a means of possible relief from some of the "ailments" that seem to affect us all from time to time!

Essential oils are very concentrated,

even when they are blended into a carrier lotion or oil.

Do not use on children under five years of age.

For children over five, use Regular formula lotions, or dilute with all-vegetable lotion or oil.

Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing unless safety is specifically stated,

or unless you are under the care of a

knowledgeable aromatherapist or health care provider.

Do not use essential oils if you have a history of epilepsy or high blood pressure without first reading each label carefully and/or consulting with a knowledgeable aromatherapist or health care provider.

Keep away from eye area.

Do not ingest or use internally.

It is important to consult with your health care provider on a regular basis

regarding your condition or symptoms.

If irritation occurs, discontinue use of product.